My Week at Uni – Bored and Frustrated

Back to the usual routine of lectures, practicals and I’m feeling bored and frustrated. It’s something I’ve spoken about a lot because it’s something I’ve very aware of about me. When I get stuck in a routine I get so incredibly frustrated and want to change things up; do something spontaneous or different. When I’m out of a routine and doing creative, different things day to day, all I want is routine. Why am I so difficult?! Is anyone else with me on this? Constantly wanting and craving what you don’t have. Or is it more that there are aspects of both I enjoy. I love the routine of getting up and doing yoga, meditation and exercise. I love the routine of Friday night homemade pizza with my partner. I love the routine of writing these blogs at the end of each week. I dislike the routine of commuting at rush hour on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I dislike attending certain lectures knowing they’re going to be a waste of my time. Hmmm…seems like I like routine when it’s a routine I give myself; less so when it’s a routine enforced on me. Anyway, I only have another month of uni lectures before exams and then the year is done. Check back in a few months down the line…I’m sure you’ll find me wanting routine! *eye roll*

So this week has been a lot of travel – commuting at rush hour and also with signalling issues etc causing problems with the tube making journeys a lot longer than they should be. I’ve been productive getting more uni work done and also managing to have a little bit of down time which was really needed. I’ve been back to a couple of yoga classes which was great to change up my routine a little there.

Looking forward to my weekend full of yoga – teaching a workshop and two classes as well as some R&R with my partner – rock climbing, cinema going and dinner out. Just what I need =]


Personal learning this week: I need to get better at managing my expectations of each week and knowing it’s ok to be a bit bored.


Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  • Fat lowers GI – The GI (Glycemic Index) of food is the measure of how much a carbohydrate-containing food raises your blood sugar level. The higher the GI the higher your blood-sugar levels increase. This means you access the energy from the food quickly and intensely getting a burst of energy all at once leaving you crashing and wanting more energy. Lowering the GI of foods we consume can help us remain fuller for longer rather than needing to eat again quickly. Fat also decreases gastric emptying rates and increases satiation. Healthy fats are definitely not to be avoided in your diet!
  • There is no accurate way to measure Resting Energy Expenditure (REE) – Some formulas are more accurate than others but still there are just too many variables involved for there to be a precise way to find out your resting energy expenditure other than individual testing. Aside from age, gender, race, physical fitness and activity levels, health, many more aspects impacting there are also more than 340 genes implicated in how much energy an individual expends!

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