My Week at Uni – All Work, No Uni

Half way through semester 2! This week we were off, no lectures to attend – last minute they told us about a few events going on during the week but it was all a bit unorganised and too late.

It was a super productive week; without needing to travel around and stop and start work in patches I got so much done. I know I definitely work best when I have a big chunk of time when I get really get my teeth stuck into something. Not ideal for things like my dissertation when that comes around in a couple of years – can’t write 10,000 words in one sitting. Well maybe I can, but it wouldn’t be great!! I got two assessments written and submitted, revision notes created for a few modules, organised my timetable and workload for the next month, sorted my CV, and caught up with some life admin. Like I said…super productive! I would have liked a little time off but future Cory is going to be so happy with me that I don’t mind. I have a 2 week trip to India at the end of the semester before exams and I know I’m going to lack time to prep for my exams. To save myself stress in the future I’m trying to keep myself on top of my workload. So far, it’s working and I’m feeling calmer and happier for it.

I’ve enjoyed cooking so much this week. The weather has been lovely and I’ve managed to get outside for walks enjoying the sunshine. It’s been so nice to have more time to indulge in all the things I enjoy – yoga, gym, cooking, nature, reading.

Personal learning this week: A 20 minute walk out in the sunshine can bring more productivity than sitting in front of a laptop for that time.

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