My Week at Uni – Crazy

It’s been crazy. Crazy busy, crazy highs and lows, crazy decisions. All in all; just a bit crazy.

Mondays are a day off uni and I try and use this for reading for the week’s lectures or assessment writing. I struggled this week my mind was on so many other things, attention was something I was definitely lacking. In my lectures on Tuesday and Wednesday I was also a little distracted but Wednesday we had a really great morning 2 lectures about the body’s responses and adaptations to exercise. So interesting. We also had an employability event on the Tuesday which was so good. We had different people in to talk about their career journeys and the possibilities open to us once we complete our degree. Completely inspiring and it definitely made me more impatient to get to the end of this degree!!

Thursday I had a day off because instead of a lecture we have a lab session on Friday. I’m writing this Friday, before the practical. I’m not particularly looking forward to it. I don’t know why but I really don’t enjoy these sessions. They take a long time with lots of explanations and people not knowing what their doing and, unfortunately, I’m quickly and easily frustrated. I enjoy learning and I feel like I learn the least in the lab.

Next week is a ‘reading week’, basically a week off. I’ve got a few assessments to complete, some assessments to plan and some revision to do. I’ve also got a move to plan and organise and a holiday to India to prep for! It’s going to be another busy week but busy isn’t bad. Busy is what I love.


Personal learning this week: Make time for family and friends, it’s the perfect antidote to stress and anxiety.


Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  • There is a device to exercise your lungs! – You can get a device which you can breathe through increasing the resistance to improve lung strength and function. Incredible!
  • What the f**k is a nutritarian diet?! – It seems to be a diet focussing on getting as many nutrients per calorie as possible, eating lots of whole plant foods. Sounds good and makes a lot of sense but also sounds like a lot of work! For someone like me whose life revolves around food and who is studying nutrition and has quite a detailed knowledge about nutrition this kind of eating is not too hard. If I’m honest I pretty much eat this way most of the time. However, I also eat pizza and drink wine amongst other things which would be restricted from this diet. This is where diets do not work, lifestyles do. Diets are restrictive, lifestyles are balanced and free. Eating what makes us feel good (more plants, less sugar, etc) will automatically make us healthier without feeling restricted or limited. Worrying too much about just how much vitamin k you’re getting in a meal is not a fun way to live!
  • Drinking more water to get healthier skin is a myth! – Water is needed to keep the skin hydrated and this is supplied by blood vessels flowing through the layers of the skin. The amount of water which goes to your skin is determined by your internal organs based on how much you are using in your body or losing through sweat etc. Obviously the more you drink more is available for your skin but it doesn’t mean it will keep your skin healthy. You gotta look after it in other ways too!

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  1. Ha ha, busy life but glad you found a cure for those stressed time. 🙂

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