My Week at Uni – Pretty Smooth

Well it was a quick transition from Lisbon back to uni on Tuesday morning!

Lisbon was incredible, a truly wonderful break. It was quite a difficult to come back to England and straight back to uni and all the other things on the to do list which were on pause over the weekend!

The week was actually pretty good. I’m still ahead of my uni work which seems nuts. This semester is a little more chill with one less module and the timetable is a lot better planned out so it gives me more time to get work done. I’m hoping to keep ahead of myself because it is nice to have a buffer and I know that I’m moving in a month or so and travelling more so I need to be organised with my assessments to decrease potential stress or anxiety.

I also got another assessment grade back and now I know I have definitely passed both of the modules which finished in Semester 1. So, it’s all going pretty well.

Personal learning this week: reflecting on the week really helps to put it all in perspective.

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  • Nurdles are scary – Nurdles are small plastic pellets which are used to melt down to make plastic items. Unfortunately, transportation of nurdles often doesn’t go to plan and many end up in the ocean. Long story short the surface area of the nurdles can end up with a build up of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) all over. Nurdles can then be ingested by marine life infecting the ocean’s wildlife or end up on beaches like a lot of plastic. Some nurdles were found on a beach in Scotland covered in E.coli. (Article:
  • People eat food, not energy and nutrients – A lecturer said this this week. At first I was in total agreement with this, it made sense. People eat food, they eat what they want to, what tastes nice; they don’t eat nutrients, these are the hidden part of food and not thought about often when people eat. However, the more I thought about this the more I disagreed. Often people are more aware of the nutrients they are consuming than the food. There is a lot of calorie counting and macronutrient ratio restriction in people’s lifestyles now more than ever. Also, although we do eat food, our body eats the nutrients and uses the energy. Just an interesting thing to think about.
  • Babies who eat ‘healthier’ diets are more active and sleep better – Not particularly ground-breaking news but an interesting new study has been carried out on what factors influenced a baby’s physical activity levels. (Study found here:

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