My Week at Uni – Smashing It

By the time you’re reading this, I’ll be in Portugal! I booked a weekend away to Lisbon for my boyfriend’s birthday, I was lucky enough to find us some cheap flights so we’ve got a little break from the English cold weather!

This week has been a strange one. I’m still not feeling great, getting over this illness. I miss being able to breathe properly and not ache. It’s taking a while and I’m feeling very frustrated and a little low because it’s just draining and I’m just done with it. I’m hoping a weekend away with sunshine, fresh air, lots of walking, no social media and lots of relaxing will be magic and I’ll return revitalised!

Despite the illness lingering I had such a productive week. I got ahead of myself with uni reading and assessments. I’m not sure what happened but I just had this productive spurt and ran with it! I also finally got reading just for fun again (my plan to read 50 books this year has not been off to a great start!)

It was another mixed week in terms of uni lectures, most felt pretty pointless, but all in all it was a good week. I felt like I achieved a lot and was happy with the work I did.

Personal learning this week: If you’re having a productive day reflect on what went well and see if you can keep it going the next day!!

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  • Depression has its own language – a study has been conducted looking into the language used by people who are experiencing depression and has found some common themes ( some things were to be expected such as the use of negative words but some interesting findings were the use of first person pronouns much more than second and third person and also the use of ‘absolutist’ words, such as ‘always’, ‘nothing’ and ‘completely’. As a person who has experienced depression and is fascinated by language this was a thought-provoking read for me.
  • We have very little wilderness left in the world – These maps show the extent of wilderness destruction in the world ( it’s not good. Shockingly, 70% of the wilderness that is left is situated across only five different countries!

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