My Week at Uni – Ill

The unwell feeling I had at the end of last week got worse. I rarely get ill, very very rarely. So it knocked me for six.

I had an exam on Thursday and with Monday being my only full day off before the exam I needed to get the work done to prepare. It took a little longer than planned and I ended up spending the whole day on the exam. I was so exhausted by the end of the day and not feeling any better. I decided to stay at home on Tuesday and rest to try to get over the bug. This really did help, having a day off. I did notice how overwhelmed I am on a daily basis by the sheer volume of emails, messages, social media. Taking time out make it more obvious how many notification come in all day. So I decided to ignore my phone during the afternoon and that helped even more!

The exam went well, it was a lot more basic than I expected which is good. I also got a grade back from a report I submitted before Christmas and I got a good pass. All in all, not too bad really.

It’s Friday already again and I’m fully caught up with the lectures I missed on Tuesday (listening back to them on 1.5x speed really helps). The ease of being able to watch the lectures online really does just confirm my thought that I could get this degree done a lot quicker at home!!

Personal learning this week: It’s faster to listen to lectures at home!

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  • Humans are like candles – We can only survive in the presence of oxygen and we give off heat (food + oxygen = water + carbon dioxide + heat). A lecturer said this during the week and it just seemed like a funny connection to me!
  • Calories are measured in a ‘bomb calorimeter’ – How cool does that sound! Basically, it involves burning a food under stable temperature conditions, the heat produced is then measured to determine calorie content.
  • We burn calories while we eat – I was aware of this – there’s that whole thing about celery…that we burn more calories eating in than we do consume in the celery itself. It’s not just the chewing but also the digestion that uses energy. This is different for different macronutrients. Proteins take the most energy to digest as the body has to break these complex proteins down into individual amino acids to use, carbohydrates take the next highest amount to digest as these two have to be broken down from more complex molecules into simpler ones. Fats on the other hand take very little energy, if any, to digest as it doesn’t require much energy for the body to convert fat to fat (another reason why we shouldn’t have too much of it! As always, we do need some just not too much!!)
  • Some humans (often bodybuilders) consume Bovine Colostrum – Colostrum is the milk provided by a mother just after it’s baby is born (it’s super duper nutrient rich and great for building the baby’s immune system). Bovine is a type of animal (cattle, ox, buffalo). WTF?!?!?!

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