How Our Past Influences Our Future

Everything we have seen, everything we have experienced, everything we have felt directly influences the way we interpret our present and the way we build our future. It’s a very difficult cycle to get out of.

If we come across a situation we have experienced before we expect it to go a similar way. For example, you eat a certain food and you don’t like it so the next time you’re offered that food you don’t want it. This then means you don’t cook that food or choose to eat it in the future. This could mean that you don’t get to experience a food you would actually really love if it was just prepared in a different way. This could be applied to many things and we do this so often we don’t even realise it. So how do we get out of these traps, these cycles of thought?

I think most of us know that just because something has always been done one way it doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the best way. Trying to get out of these cycles is something we’ve been working with during some of my yoga classes. Trying not to move our bodies in the way we expect to, moving away from established routines, etc. It’s not something that comes easy, it’s not something that we can do without putting in work, without conscious thought.

For me it’s something I’m working on. Before making assumptions trying to clear my mind and allow myself to see things in a different way, act in a different way. Be more playful, more child-like. Viewing things through clear eyes and without expectation. Is there anything you could be less attached to? Any expectation you could let go of to allow you to move forward in a new way?

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