My Week at Uni – Out of Sorts

I didn’t want to write this week. So not like me. We’ll come back to this.

So this week was the last week of semester 1 of year 1 of my degree. Halfway through the year and I was definitely ready for a break. My brain is saturated – there is no more room for any new information – it needs to power down for a bit, take some time off, process everything and then I can get back on it. It amazes me the amount of information some people can seem to retain in their brain, I’m sure my memory capacity is lower than the average; or maybe I have a lot of clutter in there. Maybe I need a mental tidy up!

The last week was a bit of a busy one. Lectures, an exam, assessments, lasertag, Xmas meal out with colleagues, yoga and my period. Oh yes. My period arrived on Tuesday just in time for my principles of nutrition exam…of course. Since getting the coil at the end of September my periods have been heavier and quite a lot more painful. Cramps have been pretty strong and uncomfortable for most of the week I’m on my period. It just added another level to a busy week – pain and hormones!

Lectures were the same as always – some better than others but generally not too bad this week! The exam went really well, we had instant feedback because it was multiple choice. I got the grade back for another assessment which I’m also really happy with. I submitted another assessment so that’s now 3/6 assessments done for this month. One more report to finish writing on Monday and submit then I can turn my focus to the two exams coming in January!

I work part time on a gym reception desk and teach yoga there. It was so nice to be invited to their Xmas events. Being self-employed it can get a bit lonely at this time of year, you can feel a bit left out so it was really great to be able to join in and have some fun. It was my first time doing lasertag and I’m proud to say I did amazingly well! It was also just so much fun and definitely something I would love to do again.

Funny how the words just start to flow when you do write! I’ve just been a bit out of sorts this week which is fine but instead of being a bit kinder to myself and allowing myself to be ok with slowing down I’ve been so frustrated. Definitely something to be learnt there.

That’s all the uni for 2018. See you in the new year!

Personal learning this week: Be ok with plans changing, adapt to the moment, everything always works out.

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:


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