My Week at Uni – Checking Things Off

1 of 6 assessments this month done! 3 more should be done next week leaving just exam revision to do over Xmas and new year.

I had the usual mix of some great, informative lectures and some which were not really worth the time spent there.

Monday we had to go to the lab to get pictures of the cultures we had grown the previous week which meant I travelled into uni for a 5 minute trip to the lab!

Nothing particularly crazy happened this week – oh apart from my identity being stolen on Instagram =|

We had a wonderful family Xmas meal, so great to catch up with all the cousins and aunts and uncles. Also saw Trevor Hall play on Sunday evening. I love love love his music and use it all the time in my yoga playlists. It was my second time seeing him and it was amazing.

One more week at uni! Hoping to be my most productive self!

Personal learning this week: It is down to you to change your situation or the way you view a situation.

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  • Our small intestines are super long – I knew they were long but not quite as long as they are!! In a living person they’re 5-7 meters long for me that means they’re 4 times my height – and all that is in my torso! Totally crazy! In a cadaver they’re 7-9 meters long due to the lack of muscle tension.
  • Smiles and raised eyebrows are not learnt behaviour – I was talking to a friend this week and she told me that smiles are not learnt they’re just something humans do when they’re happy. This is also true for when we raise our eyebrows when we question!
  • Increasing acidity in the oceans will affect human nutrition – A new study ( has been published which looks into the effect of the increasing acidification levels of the ocean on seaweed. It shows that iodine content of seaweed increases as the acidity levels increase. Iodine is an important micronutrient which our bodies use to make thyroid hormones which are critical for proper thyroid function. Both too little and too much iodine is bad for us. For communities and people who eat a seaweed rich diet this could be a big problem.

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