My Week at Uni – Almost There

I’m so ready for the end of semester 1. With only 2 more weeks left I’m definitely feeling that sense that I’m so nearly there but it’s just out of reach. Lots of assessments to come over these two weeks so I need to keep focused and present and not procrastinate too much about the not-to-distant future.

So this week… it was quite settled, everything was quite calm and work got done. I definitely am in control of how focused I am in a week. I have the ability to decide to focus, to decide to make the best of the week, to decide to be happier. This week I felt like I was actually able to take control of my week.

We had a long Monday with a 4 hour practical, which I didn’t realise we have a post-practical assessment to complete on this. It wasn’t on our assessment list so not sure if it’s formative or part of the portfolio but that’s another one to add to the to-do list! I didn’t have many useful lectures this week, I left most of them without any new knowledge or learning taking place which is a little frustrating still but a couple were great. We got to play around with the SPSS software on Tuesday which was great. It’s software which helps you to analyse data (if you know me, you know how much I love excel and a great spreadsheet) I was in my element!! I was in uni for 3 full days which meant my Wednesday and Thursday were free. Wednesday was an incredibly productive day. I organised my work, kept on track and got a lot done. Thursday I had half a day off, I went to the theatre 🙂 I went and saw Romeo and Juliet performed by the RSC at the Barbican theatre. Firstly, the Barbican theatre is such a great space. I’d not been there before and it’s a really awesome theatre. Secondly, my ticket got upgraded! I love the theatre and to be able to afford to go frequently I always buy the cheap tickets at the back of the theatre with a restricted view. When I got to the theatre to pick up my ticket they hadn’t sold out so gave me a seat in the second row!!! So grateful.

It was a good week, quite balanced overall. Welcome to December already! Hope you’re all staying warm as it gets colder and enjoying the lead up to Christmas!

Personal learning this week: Make the decision to be in control of your day, you can choose to stay in a funk or move out of it.

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  • Our body odour smells different to different people – I’ve been reading ‘I Contain Multitudes’ by Ed Yong*. Such a great book. One section which seems so fascinating is where it discusses the microbiomes we have in different parts of our body. In our armpits we have a stable set of microbes and the microbes we have determine our odour. The bacteria we have convert our sweat into a scent and different bacteria make different scents. This is then smelt in different ways by different people depending on your ‘sniffing genes’ which is why when people smell a scent they will interpret the smell differently and have different reactions to it. Crazy!!
  • A healthy person produces 1.5L of mucus in the nose each day which drains down the back of the throat – Nice!
  • Different sperm are different shapes – Sperm have different shape heads which are unique to their species. This is specific so different species cannot breed and produce offspring. Even same species sperm like human sperm can have different shape heads but this is one of the reasons why reproduction is sometimes not successful.

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