The Pursuit of Happiness

We often seem to be in constant pursuit of happiness. How many times have you or someone you know said…if I have more money then I’ll be happy, or if I lose a bit of weight then I’ll be happy, or if I have (insert anything here) then I’ll be happy. We often seem to see happiness as something to aspire to, something we need to ‘acquire’, something we can only have if life is ‘perfect’ or at least ‘better’.

Is happiness really a state of being or is it more of a way of thinking, a way of feeling? Are we more in control of our current happiness than we think?

There is nothing wrong with having goals and aspirations, wanting to achieve something is normal and healthy. When it seems to be an issue is when we put too much emphasis on that aspiration being the ultimate thing, that one thing which will determine how we feel.

Happiness is so much more than that. Our happiness shouldn’t be determined by external things, our happiness shouldn’t be something to be obtained. We need to reframe our thinking. Why can’t our happiness be something we can already find within us, within our lives, our jobs, our friendships. Finding happiness in a moment, a smile, a sunset, a spoonful of peanut butter =p.

I don’t have answers, I’m not perfect, I often find myself in the trap of thinking I would be happier if I could do something or have something which is not currently in my life. This is just something which has been on my mind and maybe on some of yours too.

Why not try to be a little happier where we are in the here and now rather than looking at it as a future goal?! I might just try to be a little more conscious of this!

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