My Week at Uni – Strange

It’s been a strange one. This week we only had a couple of full days of uni meaning we had lots of time to catch up on any independent reading/learning. This started off so well for me. Monday I absolutely smashed it. I got loads done. So much ticked off my list for the week of uni work to do. Wednesday – my next full day off and I got one thing done. I did get a lot of ‘life admin’ sorted; Christmas presents bought, birthdays planned, shopping done. But I also did a lot of procrastinating. Found it really difficult to focus. Really noticing a difference on a day to day basis in my ability to focus. It seems to be so much better on days when I fully plan out my time. I’ve been blocking out my days into sections and putting in tasks to do and the time I’m allotting them. It helps me to keep to task because I already know what I need to do without having to chose what to do next. The days I’m less productive is when I have lots of smaller tasks to do and I don’t structure them into my day; I’m then get decision fatigue and struggle to decide what to do next so get nothing done at all!

Nearing the end of semester one now and everyone seems a bit more subdued, a bit tired. Only 3 weeks left with a couple of assessments to do in class, one to do electronically and revision to plan for January exams. I’m definitely looking forward to the Christmas/new year break but also aware of the need for revision during this period!

Aside from the uni stuff, I saw my parents and sister and lil nephew which was really nice. Great to catch up and have a cuppa with everyone. I got to the theatre and saw The Book of Mormon on Friday evening and it was hilarious; it found the line, crossed it, kept going and just didn’t give a ****. Super silly, super funny. I would definitely recommend you go see this if you haven’t yet. We had cheap seats at the back and could see everything absolutely fine!

Next week is a busier one with assessments to write and prep but I’m hopeful it’ll be a productive one!

Personal learning this week: spending time fulling planning helps me be so much more focussed and productive.

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  • Processed meat is classified as a Class 1 carcinogen ­– The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified processed meat as something that causes cancer back in 2015. A class 1 carcinogen is something which has sufficient evidence to confirm a link between the item and development of cancer. Other class 1 carcinogens are smoking tobacco and asbestos. Red meat is also classified as a Class 2A carcinogen (probably carcinogenic) with limited evidence showing a positive association between consumption of red meat and development of cancer but not enough evidence to rule out other causes.
  • In a world which promotes sedentary lifestyles we need to look after our bones – This is not something new for me to learn but it is something which keeps coming up in my life be it through yoga, family or now my studies at uni. Our bone health is crucial, it keeps us moving and able to look after ourselves in old age, but in an age where most of us have sedentary jobs or spend a lot of time sitting in front of screens (TV, laptop, etc) we’re losing our bone health and moving towards osteoporosis earlier in life. Bone density increases as we move through childhood and adolescence and into our twenties, by our mid to late twenties we’ve probably hit the highest bone density we’ll have, after this we lose this not usually rapidly but slowly over time. There is also a direct link between the lack of oestrogen after menopause and loss of bone density making it even more common for women to experience a decrease in bone health. What can we do to help prevent this? Weight-bearing helps improve bone density so movement, wherever and whenever you can. If you shop online – could you go and do some of the shopping in person (walking will help the leg bones, carrying shopping will help arms and shoulders, wear a backpack and you’ll help the spine), if you work in an office could you go the long way to the toilet (get some extra walking in), when you make yourself a cup of tea balance on one leg! There are loads of small ways you can help yourself. Also…yoga’s great for bone health =p
  • Is Agroecology too good to be true? – Normally when something sounds too good to be true it is – so what about agroecology? Agroecology is designing farming systems in a way which provides “beneficial interactions between plants, animals and environments.” ( this means better crop rotation, using biodiversity to ward of pests. It would mean going back to local farming and consumption. It would be amazing to reduce pesticides, genetically modified crops, carbon emissions by transporting fruits and veggies so far afield. But is this possible on the scale we need it now. We consume so much food and we consume even more in animal agriculture feeding animals 10 times the amount of grain we need to feed humans. How can we cater for the current need using an old system? It would be great if it could work. I guess we keep our eyes peeled – United Nations Farm and Agriculture Organization meet soon to discuss the future of farming.

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