My Week at Uni – That ‘Friday Feeling’

What a week. I had that ‘Friday feeling’ all week. That feeling like you’re done with the week. That feeling of just wanting to put your feet up and have a glass of wine and just stop for a minute.

Uni really did take up my whole week. If I wasn’t at uni in lectures I was doing uni reading or the assessment which is due on Monday morning.

The lectures this week were pretty disappointing actually which was a little frustrating when I could have used the time for my assessment! I did find it interesting to see different people’s reaction to the assessment. Some people didn’t come into lectures all week to spend the time on their assessment. Some people came into lectures but sat their doing their assessment instead of listening. Some seemed to spend a lot of time moaning about the assessment rather than doing it. And some people attended lectures, got the assessment done and submitted it early. I was one of the latter people!

Not sure if it’s because I’ve done higher education before or what it is but I knew I had the assessment to come in my diary and I planned my week to accommodate the assessment writing. I scheduled all the time I needed to make sure I would get it done on time. I wrote the assessment and managed to submit it Thursday afternoon freeing me up to go and enjoy watching Eddie Izzard in the evening! He was magnificent by the way, I was properly belly-laughing for the 75 minute ‘work in progress’ set!

I found it a little upsetting to see how many people were struggling with the assessment. Are people not being properly prepared for uni and the style of study and assessments. The foundation year many of us did last year helped prepare us a little bit in all honesty I don’t think it was enough. There was no transition from that year to the actual degree! Last year we were given a lot of time to learn each topic (it didn’t feel like it at the time!), we were given a lot of instruction and help with assessments and there were fewer assessments, we also had a lot less reading and independent learning. So it’s understandable for people to come into this year and now be overwhelmed. Nobody was told there would be such a change. People are now unsure with less guidance and more independence and this is only the beginning of the first year of the degree!! So trying to support others whilst not absorbing too much stress and anxiety as I’m doing ok with it all so far. It’s busy but it’s manageable – I’m definitely making use of my well-honed time management and organisational skills!


Personal learning this week: It’s so easy to absorb the emotions of others; protect yourself.

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  • If you have a craving to chew ice you could be iron deficient! – apparently, it’s a sign of iron deficiency, weird. Other signs are lethargy, general fatigue. Remember, if you don’t eat animal products to pair your iron-rich foods with vitamin c-rich foods for the best absorption!
  • Why are we so resistant to change? – I read this article ( and it really made me stop and think. What is it that makes us humans so fearful of change? Is it the unknown, it is the comfort of knowing, is it risk of failure? We get stuck with the idea of tradition or culture; these things are not a stable thing that can be defined. These things change over time as generations change and that’s ok. Clinging onto the past will not stop the future coming! Nothing revolutionary, just something that got me thinking!!
  • Higher vitamin D levels may help your cardiovascular fitness – interesting study:

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