My Week at Uni – Odd

Just realised I’d scheduled this post for a couple of weeks in the future! Not sure what I did there but better late than never…

A bit of a strange week. Same mix of uni, yoga, work and life but it was just a little bit different.

Began the week teaching a lot of yoga classes. Definitely not a bad way to start the week! Lectures were a bit sparse this week, 2 full days but more work to do at home – lots of reading, a practical assessment to prep and a practical assessment to write up. Lectures were very mixed – similar topics: amino acids, nutrition – fats and proteins, blood and respiration, but – such a mix of lecturers: some of the best and some of the worst we’ve had so far this year. The lecturer really does make all the difference in the learning of a topic. I remember so much more with an engaging lecture where the lecturer can make the content accessible and relatable and teach it in a manageable way for me to comprehend and embed. This year it’s more important than last as we’re covering huge topics in a very short amount of time. Also, at uni I found out I have a much larger lung capacity than I am supposed to have for my age, height and gender. Should be at 440 (L/min) but mine is 555 (L/min) – it’s gotta be all that yogic breathing!

Took a day off to go see my amazing sister and beautiful lil nephew. It was such a lovely day to be able to see them both and spend time with them. I did manage to get a bit of uni reading done on my travels that day but not much else!

Another busy weekend with my lovely fella. I really enjoy having time off to spend with him at the weekend: dinners out, gig, comedy show, board games and watching formula 1. All the good stuff 🙂

Also, finally got around to getting a massage for my neck and shoulder. Managed to damage it falling on my head during a yoga practice (I’m human, I did a stupid thing). The massage has helped a lot but it is still a little sore, hoping with a little more rest it’ll be back to normal soon enough.

Personal learning this week: rather than forcing something, it’s ok to take a break and come back to it when it comes a bit easier.

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  • Only 8% of total body fluid is blood – Crazy right! I totally thought that percentage was higher! Most of the fluid in our body is intracellular and interstitial fluids.
  • Breath is incredible – Do you ever think about what happens within your body with every breath you take. We breath in oxygen, which transfers from the lungs to the blood by binding to haemoglobin. This then goes through the heart to be pumped through the whole body to all the organs and tissues to transfer oxygen out of the blood to the body and take carbon dioxide away from the body. The blood then comes back to the heart and is pumped back to the lungs for carbon dioxide to be transferred back into the lungs and breathed out. This is it in a simple, basic way. In reality it is so much more complicated than that! Our body just does this without us even thinking about it or needing to do anything. We take about 20,000 breaths every day, how many do you stop and think about?
  • Your body cannot store protein – Unlike carbohydrates and fats, your body cannot store protein so you need to get 0.8g – 1kg per kilogram of bodyweight every day and make sure you get all your essential amino acids. On a plant-based, vegan diet, to get all your essential amino acids every day you need to consume a complete protein such as: soya (tofu, tempeh, soya milk) or quinoa; or each a combination such as beans/legumes and a whole grain (hummus and pitta, beans and rice, etc).

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