Daily Mindfulness Activities

It’s so easy to get swept away with life that on any given day unless we schedule in time to slow down, take a moment to stop and reflect then the day can just pass us by in a blur.

Here’s a list of my favourite ways to take a quick moment out of the day for self-care, reflection and happiness:

  1. Check in – This is one of my faves. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in, release a full exhale and soften the face and body. Ask yourself three questions: “how am I feeling physically?” “how am I feeling mentally” and “how am I feeling emotionally”. Answer yourself in just a few words for each question. Don’t try to associate positivity or negativity to your answers. Take one more deep breath in and out and then open your eyes. It takes two minutes and can be a powerful way to just acknowledge yourself and check in with yourself.
  2. Journal – So many different options with this one. Put five minutes on a timer and just write, anything, whatever comes to mind just put it down on paper. Write down three things which have happened so far today that have made you smile. Any other journaling you want to do!
  3. Gratitude – Tell yourself, or a partner, three things you are grateful for today.
  4. Five-minute meditation – Set a timer. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. If the mind wanders bring it back to the breath. Even if it keeps wandering stay with it.
  5. Look around – Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing stop and look around you. Really look. Describe three things you can see in as much detail as you can. It can be a great way to stop the busyness of life and bring yourself into the present.
  6. Clean – Stay with me on this one. If you’re at home set a timer for 5 minutes, 10 if you have a little extra time, go around and clean up any little bits which are not where they should be. It brings your focus to a task and makes your space a little cleaner. You’d be surprised with how much you can achieve in 5/10 minutes.
  7. Have a cup of tea – Not at a desk, not while scrolling on social media. Just have a cup of tea. Take it in both hands, drink the tea and enjoy.


There are so many ways to find a mindful moment in the day. These are just my top favourites. Is there anything you love to do that I could incorporate into my day, please let me know below.

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