My Week at Uni – No Uni?!

This week was student engagement week, otherwise known as reading week, otherwise known as week off. Or so it was last year. This year was a little different…out of a full week I only had 1 day actually off! Two days were uni and two days were yoga teaching (one of which was a cover I shouldn’t have booked in – hopefully I will remember this in the future!)

It was a week I really could have done with having the time off. First period with the copper coil and it was heavy and painful; I did what I could and got through the week but it was not a fun one!

Tuesday we were at uni for two human physiology practicals. We started the day looking at the physiology of the heart; we did this by dissecting sheep hearts. Not the most enjoyable experience particularly looking at all the sheep’s hearts which were thrown away at the end of the session. The hearts were a by-product of the meat industry and whilst they do provide a way for us to look at the heart in actual real life I’d much rather those sheep weren’t slaughtered in the first place. Our next practical was one we had already done last year, using Douglas bags to look at the difference in the human body at rest and during exercise. We measured, heart rate, breath rate, blood pressure and gases expelled during each phase. It was quite fun but nothing we haven’t already done.

Wednesday was my day off and I wanted to have a proper clean. We moved into our flat over 6 months ago and it felt like time for a deep clean and a sort through our belongings – a great chance to clear out any junk we’ve acquired or anything we no longer need or use. I didn’t quite manage that in one day; I got a lot done but not the whole flat. Took me longer than it should have as I was moving a little slower than usual this week. I did manage to get more done at the weekend though.

Thursday was another uni day but this time there was an employability event. It was optional but I was around and thought it might be useful. I was so glad I did attend it was so useful but it was also great to talk to other people and lecturers and get into some interesting discussions about veganism and current nutrition topics.

So, the week was a bit busier than I thought it would originally be but it was also pretty productive and interesting.


Personal learning this week: it’s ok to need to take a day off, you don’t need to feel guilty.

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  • There are so many jobs you can do with a nutrition degree – from recipe creator to nutritional consultant, supplement manufacturing to product testing, market research to sensory experience nutritionist. From working with people with health conditions to athletes, those who want to lose weight to those who was to gain it, children to the elderly. Choices, choices, choices.
  • Developments in science could mean less lab rats – there’s a new machine-learning technique which is starting to be used which could lower the amount of animals used in labs for studies and experiments and still give the precise results needed. Step in the right direction for fighting animal testing and cruelty. Yay. (For more:
  • You can sun tan without getting leathery when you’re older – but it doesn’t keep you safe from skin cancer! New research has been done into the effect of UV rays on the skin ( and the research shows that if you tan every other day rather than every day you can reduce the leathery, thickening of the skin that comes with old age and a lot of exposure to the sun. However, it does not reduce the risk of skin cancer which comes with skin exposure to UV rays.

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