My Week at Uni – Feelings

Last week was a bit up and down. I started the week feeling pretty low. No particular reason just felt a bit down, tired, lethargic. But by the end of the week I felt a lot happier, just still tired (I’ve not slept well this week).

Monday was a very productive day. I got my assessment submitted a week early and did a lot of the reading and work for the week. Great start! Tuesday, however, was a full day at uni; the lectures were disappointing and the tutor didn’t turn up to lead the tutorial! I used that time to get the rest of the week’s reading done so all was not lost. Luckily, I was teaching yoga Tuesday evening and although I feel tired after a long day, it always picks my spirit up. I’m not sure what it is about teaching yoga that has this effect. Maybe it’s a few things. When I teach I can’t be sad or tired, I have to act, to put on a front for the students, to give them the class they deserve. There’s been studies which have confirmed this effect – acting confident makes you feel more confident, acting happy makes you feel happier, etc. I also think it’s the energy created by the students – through sharing knowledge with others, giving people an hour of self-care (movement, connection with themselves, relaxation), sharing an experience and connection. However it works, it’s magic. Teaching yoga is magic and I am super lucky to be able to call it my job.

Mid-week I got some non-uni work done, met up with a friend and got my hair cut. Had my hair chopped off and I’m loving it =] I had another (not particularly useful) lecture and the tutorial was rearranged which the tutor missed on the Tuesday. Friday was the usual super busy day of the week – uni 9 til 5, teaching yoga on my lunchbreak. This Friday we also had a formative in-class essay assessment. The point of which was to help students to get used to essay writing but most students have either come straight from higher education so they know how to write an essay or did the foundation year (like I did) so also know how to write an essay. People get nervous doing in-class assessments and it was open book, we were able to use the internet or anything we wanted. It felt less useful than it should have been; it should have been set up better or not done at all.

Next week is ‘student engagement week’ – also known as a week off =] Although we do have a couple of practicals which will be the basis of one of our assessments for human physiology in the second half of semester 1.

We also had a busy weekend so I’m looking forward to a change of pace next week!

Personal learning this week: have the courage to change the things you can and the serenity to accept the things you can’t.

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  • Climate change needs to be limited to 1.5oC – An increase in temperature more than 1.5oC warming for the planet brings a transition from moderate to high risk for threatened ecosystems and cultures and for extreme weather events (
  • Can you ever truly be vegan – So many products are now produced in areas/environments which farm/use/exploit animals is it truly possible to eat a completely vegan diet. Interesting article:
  • The heart is an incredible muscle – I’m sure you were already aware of this but cardiac output 5L/minute at rest. This means 5 litres of blood (think 5 of those big water bottles) are pumped around your body by your heart every minute. That is a lot of blood and a lot of work. During exercise this can increase to 25L/minute, 5 times the amount at rest. It adapts and does this without us even thinking about it or generally even acknowledging it. It’s incredible.

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