My Week at Uni – Overwhelmed

I always struggle to start these blogs, but once I get writing it just flows.

This week was busy, I know I always say that but this was super busy. Even my ‘day off’ Wednesday was filled up with teaching yoga and an environmental society meeting. I had a huge lack of free time which is not an issue as I don’t need lots of time for myself but I do need the free time to get uni work done!

This week I managed to catch up with last week’s reading and just begin this week’s. So I’m chasing my tail feeling like I’m never getting on top of the work – let alone ahead of it (which is where I like to be).

Trying to work out where I can be more efficient and find more hours in my day to feel a bit less chaotic, disorganised and unprepared. I spend between 1.5 hours and 2 hours meditating, doing yoga and exercising every morning apart from Friday because the day is just too full and back to back. This really isn’t something I think I can give up. Without this, I’m a narky person you do not want to be around. However, I could keep it down to 1-1.5 hours and give myself an extra half an hour or so. I am also covering a lot of yoga classes this month which is great but also takes up time – so I need to be more efficient teaching classes which require less travel at times which suit my timetable. In the future I’m going to be better at not automatically saying yes to all covers but considering these condition first! Another area of time mismanagement which came up this week was uni lectures – some days I have just one 2 hour lecture and so I travel for the same amount of time I’m actually in uni. As those who regularly use the tube at rush hours know, you cannot do any work whilst crammed on a tube with your face in someone’s armpit. This Thursday’s this two hour lecture only lasted one hour and the lecturer read from the slides which were already available to us. I got nothing more from the session than I would have got from reading the slides myself at home. In fact, I lost 2 hours of time in which I could have got other work done. I don’t want to have a bad attendance record but I also do want to use my time wisely to make sure I get the most from this degree!!

I’ll keep changing and adapting and will get there in the end. I know I will.

One of the best lectures this week was on carbohydrates. So fascinating but the key take home for anyone is that carbohydrates are an important part of your food intake. Apart from being a great source of energy for your body and, very importantly, your brain they are also so important for your digestive system. To keep your intestines healthy and your gut working as it should you need fibre both soluble and insoluble. A variety of sources of carbohydrate is important so you get the most micronutrients and benefits. 47-50% of a person’s calories should come from carbs to maintain body weight – eating high carb or low carb and you increase your risk of chronic disease. Be good to your body – eat carbohydrates, proteins and fats – don’t exclude or restrict.


Personal learning this week: to really stop and think and make decisions – stop moving through life on autopilot. 


Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  • 25% of your body’s protein is collagen – Nothing much to say about this I was just fascinated to learn this statistic! Also, collagen is extremely complex, creams and moisturisers containing collagen are a marketing ploy your skin cannot absorb these complex molecules!
  • 22,000 chairs go to landfill every day in the U.K. – What?!?! How is this happening? Why is this happening?
  • Phantosmia is a thing – This is when a person smells a smell which isn’t really there!

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