My Week at Uni – Guess Who’s Back

I’m back! It’s been such a long time. After 5 months of having all the time I could possibly want to read and do yoga and anything I desire at all, it’s been a shock to the system to be back in full time education.

It always takes a while to get into a new routine but my uni timetable is so different week to week it’s going to be difficult to find a ‘routine’. This week I did struggle to fit everything in but I didn’t know what I needed to fit in until the week was already underway. More on that in a moment – let’s go back to the start of the week.

On Monday I walked into the first lecture of the first year of my Nutrition Degree. I was not prepared for how strange it would feel. I walked in and saw all these fresh, young faces looking a bit lost, a bit unsure, maybe a bit hungover and it all felt so different. Then I noticed a few familiar faces from last year, then a few more and then I realised all the foundation year students were ‘meerkating’ looking around for people they know! It felt better knowing I was on familiar territory but it was all new as well. It felt good knowing my way around the uni, the online systems, the way everything is done and some of the people on my course. But, despite the familiarity, so much was different.

Changes I’ve noticed so far:

  • Lectures are shorter with more info crammed in – this isn’t an issue for some topics as they seem to be a repeat of last year.
  • We have a lot more independent study we need to do this year so I need to be more disciplined in scheduling in reading and other work each week.
  • Lecturers are a lot more specialist – this has been amazing. We have some really knowledgeable, passionate, interesting lecturers this year. We did have some last year but the lecturers are more specialised in their field of study and research.
  • Formative assessments are now a thing. These assessments are marked but do not contribute to our grade for the module. Slightly frustrating because there seems to be quite a few of them, but, I also get their utility. It’s helpful to have a practice-run before doing graded assessments.

So, the week was busy fitting in a new training schedule, trying to make time for yoga every day, new uni timetable, uni yoga classes to teach. I’m now a little more aware of what I need to fit in during a week in all aspects of my life.

But I am back and I’m back on the weekly uni blogs. I really enjoyed writing this series last year so I’m doing it again this year!

Personal learning this week: a routine might not a possible but making time to plan out each week/day as it comes is important.

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  • There are 37.2 trillion cells in the human body – that’s 37,200,000,000,000; that’s a lot of cells!!!
  • Naked mole rats don’t age – they defy normal biological laws of aging and don’t really die of old age, normally the die from being eaten by another creature or an unfortunate event like a rock falling on them. They’re super fascinating; read more here:
  • The future of pain medication could be close – Research has been done to see if something can be created which treats pain without causing addiction. It’s still in early stages and has only been tested on animals so far but it’s a huge step forward. AT-121 is what has been created and it is more effective than morphine at much smaller doses and, from the research so far, does not cause addition. Read more:

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