The Bali Diaries – part 1

I have just got back from two weeks in Bali…a place which has been on my dream list for a long time. A few months ago, my partner and I were deciding where to go and I thought it’d just be too expensive to go but we looked at flights and they were less than we expected so we booked!

I’m going to share my experience travelling long distance and what Bali was like beyond the Instagram pictures you see online! This is part one, check back in a couple of days to see the next instalment.

After what felt like a very long time waiting, our holiday finally rolled around, we packed our bags and headed to the airport to start our epic journey over to Indonesia. We had a 7 hour flight to Dubai, 1 hour layover and then a 9 hour flight to Bali.

The first flight was an hour late taking off…not the best start:

“We’re going to miss out connection” – Luke

“You don’t know that, it might still be ok” – Cory

“Nope, we’re definitely going to miss our flight” – Luke

“There’s nothing we can do about it at the moment, so try not to worry” – Cory

“But we’re going to miss our flight” – Luke

“Watch a film” – Cory

The flight was a little turbulent but I had some really yummy vegan meals provided (I called Emirates beforehand and asked for vegan meals and they provide them specially; you do have to book them in advance). A few films later…we landed in Dubai with 15 minutes to go until our next flight.

Conversation took a bit of a turn:

“By the time we get off the flight we’ll never make our connection” – Luke

“Yep, we’re not going to make it” – Cory

So, we got off the flight and into the airport. There was a gentleman waiting with a sign for our next flight, about 10 of us crowded around him and he whisked us quickly through security and to our gate and we boarded with 2 minutes to spare!!! It was incredible – the flight ended up taking off about 30 minutes late probably due to waiting for us and the luggage. Oh, wait the luggage:

“Do you think our luggage is on the flight” – Luke

“Hmmmm” – Cory

Second flight was much the same as the first: movies, food, drink, sleep, a little turbulence. After 9 hours we arrived in Bali!!!!!!!!!!!!! There was much excitement. We got through passport control to baggage collection and were waiting, and waiting, and waiting. Luke found someone with a clipboard who had a list of luggage which did not make it onto the plane. It turned out Luke’s luggage hadn’t been transferred but mine had. Mine still hadn’t shown up at this point so I waited at the carousel while Luke went to check out what to do about his luggage. Eventually my luggage did show up and in no time, we had paperwork filled out and Luke was told the luggage would be sent to our hotel when it arrived on the next flight in a couple of hours! We even had time to catch the first 10 minutes of the Italian Grand Prix which was showing on a TV screen in the luggage collection hall!!

Amazing. Travel all done, holiday here we come! As I had planned ahead, I knew that to get to our hotel we needed to get a taxi, to be precise a Bluebird Taxi, these would be located in the arrivals hall – turn right after the exit, there will be a desk, you book and pay and then get in a car and go. Easy right. Wrong. Before we even got out of the arrivals ‘duty free’ area before the main hall we were inundated with people asking if we wanted a taxi. I knew these would likely be a rip off so we continued on to our Bluebird Taxi stand. But…where was the stand? We were walking around trying to find it all the time having people walk up super close asking if we wanted a taxi and following us. We were trying to talk to work out what to do and we just had so many people crowded around us not giving us space to even think. It was pretty stressful:

“What do we do?” – Cory

“I can’t even think with everyone talking” – Luke

“We can’t find Bluebird what do we do?” – Cory

“Just ask and see how expensive these are?” – Luke

“Ok, on the website it said 60,000 so if it’s about that we just do it” – Cory

We asked at one of the more ‘professional’ looking stands rather than a guy with a piece of paper and they wanted 250,000 to take us to Seminyak. This was a lot more than it had said on the airport website! We walked back in to where we had seen other stands and found a company who would do it for 200,000 we were tired and fed up of being harassed, not knowing if there was a cheaper or better alternative we just went with it.

Finally, we arrived in Seminyak – super tired, minus a piece of luggage and a little stressed but we were there. We checked in, went for a couple of drinks and then went to bed.

Part two will be coming on Friday, see you then.

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