My Week at Uni – All the Feels

I’m writing this on Thursday afternoon having just finished my Maths exam. I’m feeling a sense of relief, lightness and slight shock. It’s the end of my foundation year at uni! I now have an exam period until mid-May but aside from that I’m actually done! The first year of my nutrition degree doesn’t start until the end of September! I hope from all the exclamation marks you can get a sense of how I’m feeling!!!

Before I get all wrapped up in the future. Let’s review this last week.

Uni – last week of the year and maths exam meant my brain was focused on maths during every session. After being really good at maths at school, I found myself really struggling with it the past few weeks. It has been a decade since I last studied maths but I thought I would find it easier than I have. I also feel like my memory is struggling. This year at uni I’ve had a lot of new information given to me and I’m struggling to assimilate everything. This is something I need to get better at very quickly before my biology and chemistry exams! Definitely something to focus on this Summer before my degree begins. The maths exam itself was a lot easier than I expected so not too bad after all!

Work – I had an audition for a new studio opening soon which looks like a really lovely space. Super excited about the possibility there. Also taught a couple of classes; my new yin class was pretty popular this week which was really great to see.

Personal – Packing and moving, signing agreements, sorting broadband. To say it’s been hectic is an understatement. But I pick up the keys in a couple of hours, finish packing up tonight and move everything over in the morning. My wonderful parents are helping me move everything so the plan is that my partner leaves our current place to work in the morning and comes home to the new apartment (maybe all unpacked and ready!)

So it’s been a bit of a culmination of things this week. I feel like the wave has been building all week and it has just broken. I need to make sure I use this time to enjoy the calm before the next wave builds again!

Congratulations to anyone who made it through the year reading this blog each week; we did it! The first year back studying is done!

Stick around for more blogs on yoga, food, student life and pretty much anything in between.

Love to you all x


Personal learning from this week: Even in times of stress or challenge it’s important to try to stay present, notice the little things and smile.

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  1. Magnesium should be consumed in a 1:2 ratio with calcium – To get the best absorption, for every portion of Magnesium you eat you should have 2 portions of calcium. This can differ person to person as we all have very different bodies and is not entirely straightforward when looking at food sources but it’s a good guide to go by.
  2. You can buy toilet roll without all the plastic – Who Gives A Crap is a company who sell sustainable toilet rolls, tissue boxes and kitchen rolls – all with free shipping. So amazing. Go check them out:
  3. Wombats poo cubes – And a lot of them too! Wombats excrete about 80-100 cubes of poo a night! You’re welcome.

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