My Week at Uni – Packing and Procrastinating

Moving in a week’s time has taken over my life a little; sorting out documents, making payments, looking into the best broadband packages, packing, etc. Fitting the move in has lead to a little less revision being done than I had planned on. The procrastination also didn’t help…

The week started with the Easter bank holiday weekend which was fun and relaxing as me and my boyfriend went away to the Cotswolds. After the fun of the weekend it was back to the normal routine and I felt a little low on Monday – it was a feeling I’m used to after coming home from a holiday so getting stuck into the move helped get me out of my funk!

In uni we did our Chemistry lab assessment on Tuesday and finished our learning for Biology with the Liver. Now it’s all about the revision, no more learning just trying to remember what we’ve been taught for the exams! Only one more week of uni left for this year…aside from the exam period.

This week I taught a few yoga classes and managed to get to a class myself this week which hasn’t happened in a while. It was a power yoga class and was just what I needed, it was super sweaty and intense but not too cardio heavy. Absolutely loved it. I also managed to catch up with a friend which was really great.

So, it’s been a little different this week, a little slow and not hugely productive. I move next week but before that I have a maths exam – time to knuckle down with the revision so it’ll be a busier week next week!

Personal learning from this week: I’ve got quite good at getting rid of post-holiday blues!

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  1. The Liver is even more complex than I realised! – From storage to metabolism, digestion to excretion, detoxification to vitamin activation it does so much. It is the body’s largest gland and second largest organ. It holds about 33% of the body’s blood and filters 66 litres of blood per hour. It is absolutely incredible!
  2. I don’t have much stuff – I started packing up anything I wouldn’t need for the next week and finished very quickly – turns out pretty much all of my stuff is things I use and need most of the time.
  3. I may have found the best Vegan Apple Cake recipe ever Try it you will not be disappointed!

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