My Week at Uni – Unnecessary Stress

Another week at uni and another assessment done! This week we each had to give a 5-minute presentation to the class. Having previously done this as part of my job (speaking to 200 employees) this wasn’t a problem. It was weird doing it again but reminded me how much I quite enjoy talking not just conversationally but presenting, sharing knowledge. The presentations were done individually but as part of a bigger group. So we each took an area of an overarching topic to cover. I was in Group 2 and appointed group leader (a role I love); my group worked well together right up until a few days before the assessment. Without going through the whole saga, the person disagreed with the group presentation and wanted to use their own individual slides. The problem wasn’t the disagreement, the problem was the way the person decided to share her concerns. The message was directed at me and was extremely rude and aggressive. This continued into Monday when we had to submit our presentation online. The rest of the group were supportive and not impressed by this person’s behaviour but I really took on the stress of it all. I’ve really noticed a tightness in my muscles this week; absorbing all the stress has left me pretty drained. I really need to learn to distance myself and not take on stress unnecessarily!

In Biology we had lab which is always quite fun, the equipment wasn’t set up right and some of it wasn’t working which has happened too many times this year but it was still an alright session. Chemistry was as interesting as always. Now we’re onto revision for the last couple of weeks preparing for the exams to come!

My boyfriend and I also found the property we’re going to be moving to in a couple of weeks so that’s exciting. We’ve decided to move just after I finish uni lectures before my exams. We’re moving to Canada Water and I’m so excited to be closer to Greenwich. It’s one of my favourite places, especially in the Summer.

Also, my little sister is 12 weeks pregnant =] so freaking excited. Not only that I’m going to become an aunt but also because now I have a reason to knit even more! I can make lots of awesome things for the new little human which my sister and her husband will be having!

I’m off for the Bank Holiday Weekend – getting away to the Cotswolds, hoping for sunshine to do some nice long walks out in nature and also visit Stratford-upon-Avon as its somewhere I’ve never been but always wanted to go to. Whatever you’re up to this weekend I hope you have a great time!

Personal learning from this week: I need to get better at distancing myself from others’ stress.

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  1. Lush recycle your bottle tops! – Those pesky little bottle tops on water bottles, milk bottles etc made from hard plastic usually cannot be recycled with your general plastic recycling. But if you take them to your local Lush shop they will take them and reuse them to make their packaging for their products =]
  2. This – organic v non-organic pic
  3. Maybe we should have British Summer Time all year round – 12 months of summer time would better align our most active periods with daylight hours this would save a lot of extra energy. In winter the highest energy demand is at 5.30pm when people start to get home from work and many businesses are still open; it’s cold and dark so we use more heat and light. If we were still using British Summer Time we would be up and out an hour earlier home from work an hour earlier; our activity would still peak about 5.30pm but this would be an hour earlier relative to sunset. Seeing that lighting alone could be responsible for approximately 20% of peak demand in the UK we could save a lot of energy! Really interesting to think about! (To read more:


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