My Week at Uni – Finding Balance

Totally forgot to say last week that I passed another two assessments! Yay!!! Not quite sure how that slipped my mind but these things happen. So that was a Science in Practice Portfolio (I got a particularly high mark for my lab book =]) and my Biology Lab report. I’m close to the end of my first year now, only 3 weeks of lectures left. Assessment wise: I have a presentation to do next week, a practical assessment the week after and then three exams (Maths, Chemistry and Biology) spread over a month. Not entirely sure what I’m going to be doing for my 5 months off but I have a few ideas.

Anyway…let’s delve into this week…


In Biology at the moment they are cramming in a lot using our tutorials for lectures. This means we have even more information to try to understand and absorb. Struggling to keep up with all the different topics and have a feeling I will mainly be learning this stuff in the revision period before the exam. It’s tough because everyone learns in different ways, at different rates and I really have found the real learning actually takes place at home when I’m doing my own research and learning. Sometime it feels like I’m paying the uni fees purely for the exams this year.

For Chemistry we had a lab session and it that was fun, looking at rates of reaction and the impact of different variables. I realise this probably does not sound very fun but the lecturer really does make it so interesting!

I managed to find some down time this week which I was so grateful for. I have taught a few yoga classes, been viewing some apartments (my boyfriend and I are moving out in a month or so) and focusing on organising areas of my life so having a couple of hours to relax and catch up with a bit of Grey’s Anatomy (don’t judge!) was a nice treat.

Personal learning from this week: If you need a couple of hours off – you can make it happen.

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  1. If you have joint pain you should keep exercising – many people with joint issues stop exercising for fear of making any issues worse. So much research has shown that exercise can help strengthen joints and ease pain naturally. This does depend on the particular issue and the type of exercise done of course but people can experience an average of 25% pain relief with a regular exercise programme ( It’s important to take it easy and not push the body too far too soon. Listen to your body but movement really is so important for everyone.
  2. Vegetables can be bad for us? – I’ve been reading a bit about nightshade vegetables this week. Some common nightshade vegetables are: white potatoes, tomatoes, aubergine (eggplant) and peppers. Nightshade vegetables are part of the Solanaceae plant family; these vegetables contain alkaloids such as Solanine, Capsaicin and Nicotine. These alkaloids can cause problems for those with any gut issues; if that’s you if could be worth considering eliminating these foods from your diet for a bit to see if there is any difference. Others can digest and tolerate these vegetables a lot better; it’s a bit like gluten and dairy.

Honestly, from my perspective, if you look for information telling you that you should or should not eat something you will find it. In a world of information overload, it can be confusing about what is or isn’t good for us and what we should or shouldn’t eat. The best advice I can give is to listen to your body, see how you feel after you eat certain foods and eat what makes you feel your best.

  1. Your kidneys use a lot of blood – about a quarter of the blood pumped from your heart goes to your kidneys that’s about 1.2L per minute!

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