My Week at Uni – Highs and Lows

It’s been a week of ups and downs.

I started the week in Bruges, not a bad way to begin any week! Even with a bit of rain, it is such a beautiful and relaxing place. Then straight back to reality with a week of uni lectures, lab sessions, presentation preparation and teaching. Everything has gone smoothly and the week has been relatively enjoyable with a few highlights.

The strange thing is, coming back after Bruges, I found myself in the same funk I was in before I went away. The week has been marred by an underlying feeling of sadness; just feeling generally low. I was thinking it was something to do with my hormones as I came off the pill a couple of months ago and then my period happened so that answered that mystery for me! It was a chance this week to remind myself that it’s ok to feel and to cry but also to let it go and not let the emotions take over.

University was pretty intense this week. We covered the endocrine system and a bit about the nervous system in Biology which was super interesting but a lot of information to take in and process! Chemistry we had our usual lecturer back who is just so passionate about chemistry you can’t help but enjoy her lectures (even in a stuffy underground room). Thursday was similar to last week – a super interesting Biology lecture instead of a tutorial and then a 30-minute session on how to use Excel (those who know me, know I do not need someone to tell me this!) All in all, the day at uni was really only a useful hour lecture and the rest was waiting around and me writing some of this blog post!

Exciting things happening with my yoga teaching. I have a new weekly class starting in April and an awesome workshop in May. Lots to look forward to!

Personal learning from this week: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  1. Amino acids in the body change when we die – Amino acids are left handed molecules in our body and when we die they change to right handed molecules until an equilibrium mixture exists. How odd!
  2. Our thyroids shrink with age – This means our immune systems decrease making us more susceptible to infections. There is good news a study has proved that exercise can decrease the speed of this process. The study was done with cycling but it would follow this would work for other forms of exercise. (For more info:
  3. 30% of domestic abuse starts or worsens during pregnancy – I was so completely and utterly shocked by this statistic and by so many more in a book I finished this week – Everyday Sexism by Laura Bates. It was such an eye-opening book and extremely well written. I really recommend this to anyone who believes that sexism no longer exists.

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