My Week at Uni – Week Off

Not an average kind of week. No uni, no teaching, illness, snow, workout classes, planning. It’s been a long week, lots has happened!

Starting with last weekend. I was so poorly…really bad head cold, super achy. Not fun but managed to get out to go see The Greatest Showman at the cinema. I absolutely loved it; it’s a great film and I love anything with good dancing in it. Still a little unwell but definitely a lot better than before!

So, no university lectures this week otherwise known as ‘student engagement week’ however, they have not engaged me as a student very well! I did however really enjoy having this week to plan and organise my uni work as well as yoga work for the next couple of months. Uni finishes in a couple of months and then there’s exams so I needed to get organised to make sure I don’t end up stressed cramming last minute!

Aside from the organising (which I love) I also managed to get to a few workout classes, give my own yoga practice some love and attention, read a couple of books and watch some tv and youtube.

Also…snow happened. Because London cannot cope with snow… my yoga classes were cancelled leaving me with even more time to myself. I was a little gutted as I’d planned a kickass sequence for this week but will just have to share the love next week instead!

In all, it’s been a super relaxing week, really recharging and revitalising before last couple of months of my first year back at uni!

Personal learning from this week: It takes double to triple the amount of time to get anywhere in the snow.

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  1. You can plant trees by searching online! – Ecosia is a free to download and use app which allows you to search the internet. Why not just use Google? Ecosia uses at least 80% of its profits from search ad revenue for tree planting projects all over the world. The company also publishes all its financial information for complete transparency and neutralises all carbon emissions related to your searches. It really is a no brainer. You still get your search results and the planet gets trees.
  2. Nutritional labelling reduces calories consumed – studies have shown that when calorie labels are put next to food or drinks in coffee shops and other eateries people purchase/eat 8-12% less calories per meal. Makes sense – maybe more shops will start doing this and help us become more aware of what is in the food we are eating! (for more info:
  3. Vegan cheese is gross – So I don’t particularly miss or want cheese but I wanted to try a recipe that said to use cheese and so I got some. It really doesn’t taste great. I have only tried one brand so I can’t speak for all different brands out there. Anyway I think I’m happy sticking to using whole foods to make cheesy, creamy vegan sauces without using the processed stuff.

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