Fitting Yoga into a Busy Schedule

A lot of us want to fit more into our days, always able to fill any spare time we have with something.

For those wanting to practice Yoga more frequently but struggling to find a way to fit it into your busy schedule…here are my top tips…

  • Set a specific time for it – maybe setting an alarm half an hour earlier in the morning to fit it in before work. Rolling out your mat when you get back from work and setting aside time before dinner. Whenever works in your schedule!
  • Setting Yoga ‘dates’ – going to a weekly yoga class with a friend or loved one. We are less likely to cancel something if we are doing it with someone else so it is a good way to keep on track. It is also a great way to keep up with friends and get some social time during the week!
  • Find a teacher you connect with – find a class or a yoga teacher you love and just don’t want to miss. Being a highlight of your week will make a class easier for you to make time for.
  • Create a goal/habit tracker – I find having a table to complete each day helps keep me on track. I don’t want to leave a box blank so it reminds me to carry out each of the activities to be able to colour in the box. Like a sticker chart for adults…don’t judge, it works for me!

I hope this helps anyone struggling to dedicate time to Yoga. If you have any other tips which might help others please comment below.

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