My Week at Uni – Not Normal

This week I…

  • Taught 5 yoga classes
  • Attended my Nan’s funeral
  • Officially qualified to teach yin yoga
  • Had a teacher change assessment criteria on a task I’d already done
  • Had a practical assessment
  • Went to my first reformer Pilates class
  • Planned new and exciting things

That list does not even begin to explain this week!

I am drained, emotionally and physically, overwhelmed mentally but my heart is full. This week I have shared my love of yoga with so many people, I have spent time with my family, made plans with friends and had exciting progressions with work.

Without writing a super long post…I’ll go into a little more detail.

I knew this week was going to be a busy one and prepared by making loads of meals at the weekend ready for the week ahead. I had uni on Tuesday and Wednesday including the first part of an assessment on Tuesday. My Nan’s funeral on Thursday and was going to be teaching 5 yoga classes (more classes than I’ve ever taught in a week before). Most things went pretty smoothly, busy but nothing too disruptive.

I began the week with a catch up with a good friend of mine who also teaches yoga and we have some fun stuff in the pipeline which I am super excited about!

Wednesday was the busiest, it was also the day that a lecturer changed the goal posts on an assessment which is due next Monday. With all the busyness I was so glad I had done the assessment before Christmas really taking the pressure off. Until Wednesday, the assessment criteria the lecturer provided was different to what we had previously been given. So, I will be spending this weekend changing my assessment! Not ideal.

I came home Thursday to my Yin Yoga teacher certificate so I am now officially qualified to teach yin. Hoping to get a permanent class to teach each week – keep an eye on this site!

My first reformer Pilates class was interesting! I had never been to a class before so found a beginners’ class to try. Long story short…I fell off the machine (teacher said it was the first time that had happened). It was fun though, quite a workout. Really arm, ab and glute focused. I would do it again but I think I prefer my workout with less pulleys moving parts!

Personal learning from this week: Busy doesn’t have to mean stressful.

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  1. Schools are not reducing childhood obesity – Three recent studies have shown that school ‘anti-obesity’ programmes do not work. Their impact is minimal at best. Focus needs to be moved to families, media, policy and the food industry. See more here:
  2. Blood Pressure monitors are sensitive – ours didn’t work properly when we were doing our practical assessment. Turns out you need to keep it level and it the same height as the cuff is on the arm. Not designed for on the go use!
  3. Keeping global warming below 2 degrees – Research conducted by Chatham House (The Royal Institute of International Affairs) shows that in order to keep global warming below the ‘danger level’ of 2 degrees Celsius we must reduce our global meat consumption ( In Europe alone, halving meat and dairy consumption could reduce EU greenhouse gas emissions by up to 40%. We can all do our bit. Just cutting meat out of one meal a week; if everyone did that imagine the impact overall!

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