Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Just over a year ago I went to my first yin yoga class. I sunk into pigeon/swan and cried. I felt such an intense release of emotion it was overwhelming; but after, something softened and eased. Without knowing too much about the practice I knew it was something different and something worth pursuing.

Over the past year I’ve been incorporating yin into my practice going to a few classes but also taking longer holds in certain postures in my own home practice.

Wanting to further my yoga knowledge, yin teacher training just made sense as the logical progression to enable time to improve my own practice with more knowledge but also to be able to share this with others. So I went on a search for teacher training opportunities. I came across one which would be in my winter break from uni…perfect timing! And in Ibiza…even better!

The new year came and went and I packed my bag and took the short flight over to Ibiza.

The training was intense, enlightening, revealing, calming, balancing, and so much more. Every day was packed full of practice, knowledge, talks and experiences as well as delicious food and great company. The experience was very much immersive we practiced yin twice a day with very minimal yang practice only introduced on the last couple of days. For someone who really enjoys their vinyasa flow it was a little tough but being quite ill it was nice to allow my body the rest it needed. Kata and Erno were phenomenal teachers; very knowledgeable and wonderful chaperones guiding us through our own unique journeys over the course of the week.

I learnt an amazing amount of information about Chinese medicine, the meridians and elements. What I hadn’t quite expected was to learn so much about myself. I’m so glad I started the year with the training and look forward to continuing my yin journey this year and sharing the practice with others! Keep an eye on the site for both yin and vinyasa classes coming this year!

If anyone is intrigued, I did my training with Rise and Shine Yoga Hilversum. Leave any questions you have in the comments and I’ll get back to you.

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