My Week at Uni – Halfway

Last week of Semester 1 is over!! 1 more semester to go and that’s year 1 done.

I’ve had:

  • 33 hours of Biology lectures
  • 33 hours of Chemistry lectures
  • 9 Lab sessions
  • 1 Essay
  • 2 Exams

However, I’m not quite at the halfway point yet. I have a couple of assessments due before/at the beginning of semester 2. My plan is to be super organised and get these written early next week before Christmas and New Year as I’m not really going to be around much from Christmas until the middle of January 2018! This will save any last-minute rushing and I can enjoy this break knowing I’ve already done the work. Fingers’ crossed I can do this without procrastination!

So this last week was an interesting one. Biology we learnt about photosynthesis – who knew plants were so confusing I thought it was just that plants absorb light and use it as food. Oh no, it’s so much more than that!! Chemistry was a really useful revision session and an exam which I feel went really well. We also had an interesting session with some lecturers discussing their careers to help us with an assessment we have coming up. This was great for me as I’m not sure what I want to do once I graduate. Lots of food for thought.

I also found out this week just how bad the impact of Brexit may be on nutrition and our food laws. But let’s not get into that right now.

All that’s left for me to say is have a great Christmas and New Year whatever you are or are not celebrating. Make some time to relax, slow down, enjoy good food, drink and company and start the new year off getting rid of something in your life that no longer serves you and bringing something new in.

Personal learning from this week: Less worry can lead to better results!

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  1. One workout can reduce the risk of a heart attack? – a recent study shows that moderate to intense endurance exercise for an hour can decrease the impact of a heart attack. This study was done in mice and rabbits using human blood taken after the exercise or after an extended period of rest. Without getting into the ethics of animal testing… let’s continue. The study then blocked an artery (mimicking a heart attack) and measured how much tissue died. The blood from those who exercised reduced the impact of the heart attack greatly. The effects last for four to five days after the period of exercise too! (read more:
  2. White rice is healthier than brown?! – Since I discovered cauliflower rice, I’m not a big rice eater but I’ve always thought brown rice was healthier than white rice. This week on an ‘Ultimate Health Podcast’ one of the hosts briefly mentioned that there’s been information recently on white rice being better than brown. I was intrigued so looked into it and here’s a little info I found. When rice is harvested (brown rice) it is milled and the bran is removed this creates white rice. There are more nutrients in brown rice but a lot of these are not easily absorbed/digested by the body due to the phytic acid in the bran. The bran is also the part of rice which contains the most arsenic which can be found in rice (this was a hot topic not too long ago). So, although it appears removing the bran can remove some of the nutrients it can also help to absorb the nutrients which are still present and reduce the arsenic content risk. However, rice in still not a nutrient dense food and not one I would consider a health food to be consumed regularly. Maybe swap that brown rice for white but, always rinse your grains and consume in moderation (see how grains work for your body). Or just eat cauliflower rice instead!!
  3. Photosynthesis is super complex…enough said.

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