My Week at Uni – Calm

It’s been a good week this week. After the past couple of weeks I’m back on track and feeling better than before. This week came with a lot more clarity; knowing where to focus my time and energy meant I’ve had a nice mix of working, uni-ing and having some down time.

In Biology we were looking at the cardiovascular system which I find so fascinating. The lecture was good, a lot of information but not an overwhelming amount which we have had some weeks! In Chemistry we are mainly revisiting everything we’ve been through this semester in preparation for our exam next week! We had no Wednesday lab session this week so it seemed a bit more chilled than other weeks, or maybe that’s just me approaching the week with a different attitude!

I covered another two yoga classes this week which just makes me so happy. Teaching yoga just fills my soul and I’m loving being able to teach a few classes a week recently =]

I treated myself to a deep tissue massage as I have really had problems with my upper back and shoulders and oh my goodness…it was 30 minutes of torture with calming music and candles!! I’m still feeling achy from what the masseuse did but she did explain that it would hurt for a couple of days because my muscles were so knotted she really worked them.

I’m off to the theatre this evening and going climbing this weekend as well as teaching yoga but aside from those few things it’s going to be a chilled one. Enjoying a weekend of calm before the craziness of Christmas!!

One more week of uni before a month off!

Personal learning from this week: Live in the present…the past is gone and the future is yet to come so live in the now and enjoy the moment as it is!

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  1. Pregnancy and Folic acid – otherwise known as vitamin B9 this vitamin is of vital importance for us to perform many essential functions such as DNA synthesis and repair but is even more important when it comes to pregnancy. A deficiency in this vitamin can cause many serious defects or lead to infant deaths and stillbirths. Folic acid needs to be an important part of a woman’s diet before and just after conception. With many unplanned pregnancies in the UK and even those that are planned many women do not realise the importance of this vitamin; there are talks in the UK about adding folic acid into flour (this is currently done in more than 70 countries world-wide). This could help lead to a decrease in the levels of brain defects and early deaths currently experienced in the UK. For those interested you can get folic acid supplements but many foods are high in this vitamin: dark leafy greens (1 cup of spinach gives 65% of your daily recommended amount), citrus fruits, beans, lentils (1 cup gives 90% of your daily amount!), nuts and seeds. Most vegetables contain varying amounts of folic acid so eating your 10 a day should help!
  2. The heart is even more complex than I realised!! – I have always been aware that the heart is a very clever, intricate muscle which works much harder than I do as a whole person! This week I learnt that in medical terms our heart is located in our fifth left intercostal space…that’s in your thoracic cavity (It’s like a whole new language!)
  3. Peanut Butter is a great source of protein! – 100g of peanut butter provides 25.1g protein similar to 100g of salmon providing 24.2g. As if I needed more of an excuse to eat peanut butter 😉

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