My Week at Uni – Something needs to change

Wow. Busy, hormonal, emotional, stressful, exciting, fun just a few words to describe this week! Where to begin?!

I had a great weekend. My boyfriend had Friday and Monday off for a long weekend and we spent the time going bouldering and rock climbing checking out a new centre, we ate pizza, we went to the cinema, we chilled out and I even got a little bit of revision done as well as teaching my yoga class on Sunday. By the end of Monday I so nearly bailed on the Meditation event I had a ticket for but I went anyway and I’m so glad I did. It was an incredible evening of genuine connection with other wonderful human beings, there were some beautiful performances, group meditation, eye-gazing and sharing acts of kindness. The kind of evening that reminds you of the goodness in the world and refreshes your soul. Tuesday was 6 hours of lab practical at university followed by an evening out to see Queens of the Stone Age at the O2 (which was awesome, Josh Homme is incredible live). Wednesday was another morning in the lab and the afternoon was revision – solid revision. This was also when my period cramps kicked in (bad timing!!), this led to a bad night’s sleep and a cranky, hormonal morning. Thursday morning I tried to revise some more before the exam but struggled. I survived the exam but found it a lot harder than I expected. I felt like all the stuff I revised did not come up and I don’t know how it went so wrong! I followed what was in the assessment brief. The rest of Thursday was quite a dull day as usual: academic skills did not go over anything new and the tutorial was self-study again.

Mixed in among this I had work: blogging, marketing, applying to studios. A busy, busy week.

By the end of Thursday I was done, shattered; mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted. I reached a limit, something has to change. I’ve not been one for setting goals, I have a plan of what I want to achieve but nothing concrete. I think I need more direction and focus to structure what I’m doing. I’m spreading myself too thin and need to make sure that what I am doing serves a purpose to help me achieve what it is that I want to achieve. So I’m going to reassess where I am and what I’m doing and try to set some goals to make sure that what I’m doing is worth it and I’m not spending time doing things which do not serve a purpose or bring me any joy.

Personal learning from this week: Time to set some goals. Without goals I struggle to have a specific focus and direction leading me to do everything rather than just what is necessary.

Interesting things I’ve learnt this week:

  1. Moderate coffee drinking is good for you? – a new research study has been released which shows moderate coffee drinking (3-4 cups a day) could do you more good than harm! The research shows that drinking coffee is associated with lower risk of death from many different diseases. The research is not thorough and does state that those who do not drink coffee should start drinking it or that people should increase their coffee intake it just says that those who already have a moderate coffee intake are probably getting health benefits from it rather than harm. For those interested in reading more, the research paper can be accessed here:
  2. Playing with chemicals in the lab is fun! – I had my first Chemistry lab practical session this week and we looked at chemical reactions. It’s so much fun missing chemicals together and seeing the reactions which release gas or are exothermic or smell. Also, we got to play with (sorry, I mean use) the Bunsen burners a little this week 🙂
  3. Hummus can be made with peanut butter instead of tahini!?! – sounded a little odd to me at first but tahini is sesame seed butter substituting a nut butter should work! I have not just tried it but I am very excited about the possibility!!

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