My Meditation Journey

I came to meditation initially through yoga.

The peace and stillness of mind created in savasana and, as I developed my yoga practice, being able to be truly present through an entire practice is an amazing feeling which I found I wanted to recreate outside of my yoga practice. Just being more aware, non-judgemental and completely present in the moment.

Over time I have moved between having a daily meditation practice and not wanting to meditate. Although I have often found that when I don’t want to do it this is when I need it the most! I now have an almost daily practice and some days I find it much easier than others but that’s all part of the practice.

For me, meditation is self-care: 5, 10, 15 minutes of kindness to myself. Clearing the mind, slowing the breath, calming the nervous system, leaving me more capable and prepared to face the world!

Personally, I prefer to meditate by myself; no apps, no videos. I sit down, close my eyes and see what happens. I let myself become aware of what comes up in my mind and I let these thoughts go allowing my mind to clear. Sometimes this is easier to do than other times; when I find it harder I might focus on my breath or a mantra.

Aside from this, I try to find meditative moments in everyday life. In my physical yoga asana practice is an obviously easy place to do this but also in acts like washing the dishes. Honestly, stay with me here… I allow myself to become completely immersed in what I’m doing: noticing the hot water, the washing liquid bubbles, allowing myself to clear my mind while I do the repetitive action of washing up. Anything I can do in which I can be completely present in the moment. Try it!

Keep your eyes peeled… next week I’ll be posting my tips for how to start a meditation practice.

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