My Week at Uni – First Exam

The week all revolved around 4pm on Thursday. Our first exam of the course was an in-class essay. We were given the question a couple of weeks ago so it wasn’t too bad at all. We could research the topic and come prepared; the part I found most difficult was being able to write all the information I wanted to in the time given. I also realised how much I do not write anymore; my hand really cramped up and struggled with 45 minutes of solid writing!

So the first assessment is done and out the way, we now have assessments every couple of weeks for the rest of the year. This week we learnt about DNA and genetics in Biology which was fascinating but so much information was given that I do not remember a lot of what was taught and it is definitely something I need to look into more in my self-study time.

This week my phone broke (battery would not hold charge) and it made me realise how dependent I am on my phone. I use it for my business, to communicate with people, as my to-do list, my shopping list, to learn Italian, as a Tube map, a train /journey checker, as a radio, a calculator… the list is endless. Although it does make my life easier I really don’t like how much I feel like I ‘need’ my phone. It made me really reflect on this and maybe it’s better to separate things a bit, take a step away from the phone and spend a bit of time doing other things, away from technology. I now have a new phone and need to remind myself all the time to have a better relationship with technology but I’m trying!

It’s been a good week overall, super busy but enjoyable and I’m glad to have the first exam done!

Personal learning from this week: The world does not end when you don’t have your phone, you can survive!

Interesting facts learnt this week:

  1. Your DNA can show if you will live a long life – we all have multi-stranded DNA at the end of our chromosomes, if you have long sections of this you might live longer. Obviously, it won’t stop you being hit by a bus or anything, but it can mean you may live longer. This also is dependent on what you eat. Our DNA is easily damaged and can be repaired and maintained through nutrition; another good reason to eat well, if you needed more!
  2. pH level of blood is 7.4-7.8…don’t mess with this! – Your blood needs to stay in this range for your body to function. Too high or too low and your body shuts down, it can be fatal. There are diets like the alkaline diet which directly aims to alter the pH level of the blood, which I would not recommend. There are also other diets which can alter the acidity of the blood indirectly and should be done with care and under supervision from a nutritional professional such as the ketogenic diet. The ketogenic diet reduces carbohydrate intake to increase fat burning by the body, during this process the body makes ketones. When ketones build up too high it can change the chemical balance of the blood. If radically altering your diet you should always seek advice from a trained nutritionist to make sure you do this safely.
  3. Beetroot is good for your heart – beetroot contains nitrates which dilates blood vessels and lowers blood pressure. To get the most from beetroot do not boil it as this destroys the nitrates and consume it with vitamin c to help your body absorb its nutrients.

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