My Week at Uni – No Uni!

This week I had no lectures which was a great time to catch up on work and personal projects as well as taking time to prepare for my Chemistry assessment next week. Time has flown and as usual I wanted to achieve far more than I was able to. I wanted to strike a balance being able to do a bit of everything and I think this is where I go wrong! I spend too much time thinking about what I’m spending my time doing and whether or not I’ve managed to balance everything but I think I need to focus more on how I feel. Although it’s been a busy week and I’ve not had a lot of time for personal projects and relaxing I feel like I’ve enjoyed it and I’m happy with what I have managed to achieve.

Personal learning from this week: Think less, feel more.

Interesting facts learnt this week:

  1. Bananas are not best for Potassium! – 1 medium bananas contains 422mg of potassium. There are loads of other foods containing far more potassium:

1 Potato (with skin on) – 1,081mg

1 Avocado – 975mg

1 cup of Butter Beans – 955mg

1 cup of Winter Squash – 896mg

  1. CONTROVERSIAL – meat is linked to cancer – Cooking meat produces Heterocyclic Amines (HCAs) these are mutagenic compounds which are formed more and more the longer and hotter meats are cooked at. This is greatly increased when barbecuing meats due to the production of Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) which are formed on the surface on meats when fat drops onto open flames in the barbecuing process. Those with a higher intake of fats which come from meats and other animal products have higher incidences of breast cancer as opposed to fats consumed from whole plant sources. This has been found in a number of different studies. I am aware this is a controversial topic and I am not here to preach. I am here to share the knowledge I have learnt this week and this information has come from a number of different sources. If you wish to find out more yourself please research around the topic but make sure you look at where the information has come from to see if it is an unbiased, credible source.
  2. We need to think about soil – the world’s soil is degrading and eroding and this is a serious problem and health concern. Our food predominantly comes from soil, be it plants being grown or animals eating the plants. Half of the topsoil on the planet has been lost in the last 150 years. High levels of food consumption in wealthy countries, such as the UK, are a major driver of soil degradation. We only live on this planet for a short period of time but the choices we make will have a lasting impact on the planet and the lives of future generations.

1 thought on “My Week at Uni – No Uni!

  1. Think, but practice doing analytical thinking. Take out fews minutes from your daily schedule and write a journal. Amazing facts! Do some self reflection and have an amazing month ahead ❤️😊 lots of love

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