My Week at Uni – Settling In

Week 4 and I finally feel more settled. I guess it took longer to adjust than I expected but having not been working and having a lot of free time suddenly changing to being in lectures and studying full time is a bit of a shock to the system.

Although being busy last week was okay and made me happy; this week I have felt much more of a balance. I’ve been busy but not as busy, I’ve been productive but also able to take some time to rest.

Teaching my first Yoga and Brunch event on Sunday was amazing. I shared an incredible practice with a couple of yogis and then we had brunch in the café afterwards which was yummy and well-deserved. Very much looking forward to sharing this weekly treat with people.

This weekend was a nice mix of work and play setting me up for the week ahead. The learning at uni has been incredible, so much information about cells in biology and atoms in chemistry. Really getting to grips with the basics to make sure I’m well prepared for my degree next year. We also had some fun looking at absorption in the lab. I got back to my usual Yoga class with Helen at You Are Here Studio which was just what I needed. I covered Kingston Student Union’s yoga class on Wednesday again and also managed to find time to get back to writing again.

I know things are going well when I’m inspired to write. It’s been a passion of mine since I was young and, although I journal most days, this week words have just flown onto the page, some creative writing, some stream of consciousness journaling, just lots of writing.

Finding a creative outlet for emotions and thoughts can really help to process them, to make sense of what we’re feeling and what’s going on in our lives. This week I have really indulged in this and it has really cleared my head and helped me to think a lot more logically and work a lot more productively.

Personal learning from this week: Creativity can lead to a more productive, happier week.

Interesting facts learnt this week:

  1. How antibiotics work – antibiotics are designed to attack the cell wall of bacteria in your body, sometimes bacteria are covered by a toxic layer (lipopolysaccharide layer) which is resistant to antibiotics. It is really important to get the right antibiotic to treat the right bacteria otherwise the resistance bacteria can multiply and grow stronger very quickly (in the right conditions bacteria can divide into two in under 20 minutes!!) People do not become resistant to certain drugs it is the bacteria which become resistant.
  2. Alcohol moves very quickly in the bloodstream – it takes only 7 minutes for alcohol to reach the brain…7 minutes!
  3. This awesome illustration of a cell

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