My Week at Uni – Whirlwind

This week has sped past in a blur. I got back from Malta in the early hours of Tuesday morning after quite a lot of travelling and did not sleep too well with Uni Tuesday morning on my mind. I have since had 3 days of Uni lectures, been marketing my first weekly yoga class and also taught a yoga class to 44 people (I’ll come back to this in a minute!) This week has just felt so manic and crazy busy but it’s been enjoyable and I haven’t felt like I’ve been missing out on anything by being constantly on the go.

Yesterday, it all caught up with me. I woke up feeling pretty poorly with a foggy head, blocked nose, feeling sluggish and heavy, generally just ‘bleugh’. As is often the case, when you feel poorly you can feel a little blue emotionally too. After a relaxing holiday, this week was just a bit too much for my body to handle! But that’s ok, it was just telling me to slow down a little and take a break. So I cancelled my 3 hours of dance and rested, today I still feel really rotten and I needed to go out to leaflet and advertise my yoga class but aside from that I’ve made sure I’ve rested and baked myself some cookies and made almond butter. Luckily there’s still time to get better before my first Yoga and Brunch, regardless I am super happy and eager for my very own yoga classes to begin this Sunday.

Back to teaching earlier this week… the opportunity came up for me to cover a yoga class for Kingston University’s Student Union. How could I refuse! It gave me a chance to teach a group class before my own class starts and it was also a chance to teach a room of nearly 50 students!! The class was so much fun, the wonderful yogis who practiced with me gave such a great energy and I left feeling full, of joy, of bliss, of love, of happiness. As I floated home high on life I realised…this for me is what work should be. A job should fill you up with happiness not drain you. I was listening to an interesting podcast a couple of weeks ago from ‘Earth To Us’ and they spoke about how things have changed for the millennial generation – we seek work that we are passionate about, that resonates with us, that has an impact. The previous generation often looked for work which paid the most. I am not making any suggestions that wanting a job for the wage is wrong (we all need money to get by in this world after all) it just seems like motivations have become more personal. We could go further into this looking at post-war generations and living and the differences in economies etc but my point is just that for me this is definitely the case. I spent years working in a career which paid well but didn’t make my heart sing. Now I’m doing something which, so far, is not paying me well, at all, but makes not just my heart, but my whole body sing. I am looking forward to practicing with more people and spreading the joy of yoga.

What a mixed bag of a week it has been but I can definitely say I wouldn’t change any of it!

Personal learning from this week: Listen to your body, not just your mind. Take breaks when you need to.

Interesting facts learnt this week:

  1. You can live without a stomach! – the stomach aids digestion by breaking up food through contracting and the release of chemicals and also performs absorption and secretion. If it has to be removed the oesophagus is attached directly to the small intestine which also performs these tasks. In actual fact 90% of the digestion and absorption of food happens in the small intestine with only 10% happening in the stomach and large intestine. After recovery a person can function normally and eat a normal diet without a stomach!
  2. Red onion looks really pretty through a microscope! – if you get a chance, take a look. All the pinky hues and pretty plant cell wall structures.
  3. There are elements in the periodic table which only exist for a very fleeting moment?! – There are some elements which are made by fusing smaller atoms together but they are so heavy that they decay within thousandths of a second after they are formed into more stable elements. Scientists can’t see these elements but only know of their existence because of the decay products left behind!

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