Yoga Teacher Training

I completed my yoga teacher training over 4 and a half weeks July/August 2017 with YogaLondon. That month was incredibly intense, informative, eye-opening, life-changing and exhausting. I experienced every possible emotion along the journey from happy to nervous, excited to frustrated and everything in between.


Reflecting back on the course as a whole: the one month intensive format definitely has its pros and cons. I found it useful to completely immerse myself in the study: eating, sleeping, breathing yoga, anatomy, philosophy etc. This helped for me in the way I feel I learn best. Unfortunately, because it is so quick and so much information is given in a short space of time you do not have spare time to look into anything mentioned that sparks your interest, it also doesn’t give you time to fully absorb the information before learning the next thing! To get the most from this training I will definitely be going back over my notes and revisiting the areas I really want to get stuck into a bit further. Physically, it was not as exhausting as I thought it would be. The teachers do ensure they look after you in the morning practice with different styles and types of practice including some slower flows and more restorative practice rather than all dynamic and power yoga! Being such an intense course, it does mean you are likely to feel overwhelmed at times but the great thing is you are in a group with people who are experiencing similar emotions. The group was very close out of necessity as we were spending 9 hours a day, 5 days a week with each other and all keeping in touch around those hours; this was one of the true benefits of the short course.  The main other pro or con is dependent on your individual circumstances; for me, doing the training 9am-6pm on weekdays for a month worked whereas studying weekends over a longer period of time did not fit in with my life.


Overall, if I had the choice again, I would still sign up for the one month intensive course. I also have no regrets going with Yoga London. I personally really benefitted from the range of teachers being able to learn from different styles and experience different sessions. I also really wanted to take a course accredited by Yoga Alliance US as this would then be an internationally recognised qualification (although I have no current plans which would require this, it’s nice not to be limited in the future!) The course content was very wide-ranging and the teachers were very knowledgeable, a lot of them specialists in their own field which provided awesome learning opportunities. Through meeting such a range of teachers it also helps to build your network before you even qualify and get out there to try and start teaching!


The group of us on this training shared such an incredible experience and went on an amazing journey together. One we will not forget anytime soon! But as with any journey, the end is never truly the end; it is actually the start of the next journey.


I’m a qualified yoga teacher…now what?!


Now…anything! I get to see where life takes me from here and I’m super excited!

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