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Hi! I’m Cory…

A registered associate nutritionist here to help bring you clear advice and support around food. I specialise in menstrual health, pregnancy and plant-based nutrition. Every body is unique and the food you need to help you feel your best will be unique to you too. Let me help you discover what you need.

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Easy to understand advice

“Cory has a wonderful way of making you feel at ease straightaway! I had been dealing with low energy for a while and Cory was able to highlight blind spots in my nutrition and provide easy, actionable steps to help improve – whilst also continuing to eat the food I love! The advice I received from Cory was in-depth and professional, yet not intimidating. She summarised everything in an easy to understand way and her recipe recommendations have been an absolute game changer for me and my partner!”


Lifestyle factors considered

“Cory’s personable nature allows her to put you at ease to discuss the things you might not otherwise. This really helped me to be completely open when I completed my food diaries, and therefore I got the most out of the Consultation process. I was just into my second trimester of pregnancy and had been eating poorly to satisfy my hungry body!  Cory’s feedback was delivered in a way which did not make me feel bad, and alongside this she made suggestions about how I could improve my variety of foods so I could start to feel good in myself again. The recipe suggestions I received were also helpful, and I am incorporating them into my week with ease now. I found that Cory took into account so many different lifestyle factors that I came away with realistic suggestions.”


Bespoke advice and meal plans

“I recently called upon Cory to provide me with some nutritional advice and support. After completing a questionnaire and a couple of one to one sessions plus keeping a food diary for a week Cory was able to provide me with some great nutritional advice.  Taking into account all of these factors she provided me with some suggested menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner including snacks along with some bespoke general advice.  The whole process was enjoyable and I have been following the menu suggestions and advice.”


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